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Systems Supernova: an e-waste-avoiding dress with a message

Tina Sparkles’ dress made from computer wiring says a lot about interconnected systems. Continue reading

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Russian campaigners burned by Microsoft

When environmental and other advocacy groups and media outlets in Russia are harassed under the pretense of looking for pirated Microsoft software, the case for using open source, public domain, and alternative types of software is strengthened. Continue reading

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H2Oil documentary

Just came across a short portion of this documentary about the oil sands in Alberta, via the Daily Dish. The full trailer is here: http://h2oildoc.com/home/

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The Golden Institute: a “counterfactual history”

A video about an imaginary past of energy abundance suggests important questions for how we think about our future energy choices. Continue reading

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A So-Called and Coloured Green Phone

New phone from Samsung and Sprint claims to love the earth. Continue reading

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