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“Communicating Green” conference in Belgium

Upcoming environmental communication conference featuring academic and professional speakers. Continue reading

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Diamond’s NYT op-ed

Among several interesting pieces in today’s NYT was this op-ed by Jared Diamond. Other than a cursory familiarity with Collapse, I’m not much of a Diamond-ologist, so I’d be interested in what others think of his essay. The piece gets … Continue reading

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Sourcing Stuff

Via Worldchanging, an update on Sourcemap, a fascinating tool produced by MIT’s Media Lab for learning about and contributing to research on supply chains. It uses Google Earth to display these chains visually. It’s a work in progress, but definitely … Continue reading

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Animal Symbols, Corporate Values, and the Meanings of Nature

The question of whether companies using animal symbols should support conservation of those species is really about what Nature means to us. Continue reading

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HSBC’s Strange Gardening Agenda

An unusual marketing gimmick promotes growing carrots instead of restaurant dining. Continue reading

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