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Latin America in the climate negotiations

Latin America faces severe threats from climate change impacts. However, these countries have faced difficulties in making their voices heard in the recent climate negotiations. Is this a communication problem? What can we expect in the upcoming Copenhagen meeting? Continue reading

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Paul Ehrlich to AESS: It’s the Culture

The prominent US environmental scientist implies the need to address culture and consciousness in environmental affairs. Continue reading

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What Does Van Jones Resigning Mean for Environmental Communication?

Like most people, I was surprised and disappointed that Van Jones resigned from his post as Special Adviser for Green Jobs at the Council on Environmental Quality under President Obama’s administration. Jeff Chang has the best background summary post I’ve … Continue reading

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HSBC’s Strange Gardening Agenda

An unusual marketing gimmick promotes growing carrots instead of restaurant dining. Continue reading

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Steven Chu on The Daily Show

The Secretary of Energy showed he has a good sense of humor, but missed an opportunity to skewer the climate crisis deniers. Continue reading

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