Privacy Policy

When you visit the Indications blog, gathers some statistics about which web pages or search terms brought readers here, which web pages were viewed, and which links were followed. But none of it is connected to any identifying information that we–the Indications editors–can see. So, we just get some summary stats within the WordPress system. We also use StatCounter to get a little more information about which web browsers are being used, how long visitors are at the site and roughly where they are from. But again, there is no personally identifying information being collected. We have no plans to use any of this information other than to get a sense of how widely the blog is being read.

When you post a comment, you are required to provide an email address. This is not made public and is only known to the Indications blog editors. We will never share your email address. We may use it to contact you directly to follow up on something, but that’s a rare occurrence. If you provide a web site when posting a comment, your name will be linked to that web site, so that’s up to you. Note that you can provide any name you like when posting comments. You could also use a fake email address. On the other hand, it’s nice to know who we are talking to and it gives you more credibility.

When you vote in a poll, the only information we get is an aggregate tally of vote results. We don’t know who voted or how they voted.

If you are still worried, read the Automattic privacy policy (they own WordPress and PollDaddy). Otherwise, rest easy.

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