This blog began as a project of the Environmental Communication Network (ECN). In 2011 the ECN merged into the International Association for Environmental Communication (IECA). Network and association-related blogging has now moved there.

Wondering about the name, Indications? Look no further than this early post for an explanation.

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This blog deals with wide-ranging topics (from the popular to the scholarly) related to the study and practice of environmental communication. Expect a mix of information, observation, reporting, commentary and analysis. Some of the things I write about are new or emerging, and some are not so new, but still relevant and worth noting. Hopefully the blog will help direct interested readers wearing diverse hats (as citizens, students, teachers, researchers, activists, policy-makers, practitioners, etc.) to good and bad examples of environmental communication and to useful resources for the field. And hopefully there will be some humour along the way as well.

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