Climate Change Network of MeCCSA

I recently learned about the Climate Change Network of the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA), a UK higher education association. Here’s the scoop on this group:

Aims and Objectives: The aim of the network is to strengthen the ability of MeCCSA and its members to respond to and lead the worldwide academic contribution to understanding media, communication and cultural studies where they meet issues of climate change, environment and sustainable development; it will do this by continually encourage MeCCSA and its members to conduct research and seek interventions that account for the sustainability of its impact. The network will focus on strengthening MeCCSA through:

  • Aligned and complementary activity to the existing MeCCSA networks and section
  • Engagement with policy-makers, civil society and practitioners
  • Filtering and prioritising the urgency of the requirement to respond to changes in environmental, sustainable development and scientific knowledge
  • Maintaining and growing a strand at the main MeCCSA conference and events beyond
  • Producing world leading research under the MeCCSA umbrella
  • Developing a directory of researchers to facilitate collaboration and learning across disciplines

It’s good to find yet another group of folks working on environmental communication.

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