CFP: Western States Communication Association Environmental Communication Interest Group

Annual Convention, Monterey, California
February 18-22, 2011

Call for Competitive Papers, Paper Panels, and Alternative Sessions focusing on theory, research, and the practical knowledge of environmental issues and their communicative dimensions.

The theme for the 2011 WSCA convention, “Communication and Community,” is extremely relevant for environmental communication issues, problems, concerns, and actions, especially in relationship to community.

Competitive Papers: Competitive papers may utilize any accepted theoretical framework, methodology, or form of critique, or extend the discipline’s understanding through literature reviews, theoretical articulations, and other forms of critical engagement.

Competitive papers must include (a) title, (b) abstract not exceeding 200 words, and (c) main document (body and references). Papers may NOT exceed 25 pages double-spaced (excluding title, abstract, and references). In a separate document list the paper title, author(s), and contact information, and clearly indicate if the paper is a student and/or a debut paper. Papers should not have been presented previously at a conference, be accepted for or published at the time of submission.

Paper Panel Sessions: Collection of individual papers working in concert within a single panel proposal (e.g., unified by a common theme, focus, methodology, etc.).

Alternative Sessions: This category is for panel submissions that are not of the traditional “four papers and a respondent” ilk. Examples include roundtable discussions (i.e., a clearly articulated environmental concept or issue around which participants will engage), performance panels, poster sessions, networking panels, activist-training panels etc.

Paper/alternative panel proposals must include (a) thematic title for the panel, (b) an abstract describing the panel’s thematic contribution, and (c) an extended abstract for each contributing paper/panelist. In a separate document please include the name, institutional affiliation, address, and phone/email for the chair, respondent, and each participant. The entire panel proposal should not exceed 1,500 words (excluding names and addresses).

Electronic submissions must be received no later than September 1, 2010. Please follow the submission guidelines detailed below.

For all paper and panel proposal submissions, email:

Stacey Sowards
Chair, Environmental Communication Interest Group
Department of Communication
University of Texas at El Paso
(915) 747-8854

Submission Notes:
Electronic Submission: All papers and proposals should be submitted as attachments to an email. Documents must be submitted in either in Microsoft Word or PDF. Emails must include two separate documents: Cover page detailing title and contact information for all participants/authors including name, institutional affiliation, phone, email address. For competitive papers, please clearly identify student and/or debut papers on the cover page; Main document consisting of your paper or panel description and abstract(s), free of all identifying references to the authors and/or participants.

Audio-Visual Requests: Equipment availability is extremely limited and cannot be guaranteed. See the WSCA Policy on the Use of Audio-Visual Equipment at Conventions. Audio-visual requests should be indicated on the cover page.

Note: It is the responsibility of the participants to directly provide the respondent with the most recent revision of their paper by February 1, 2011.

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