Call for Participants: Environmental Communication Association Task Force

This is an invitation to interested individuals and organizations to join an ad hoc task force that will develop a proposal to form a new international professional association in Environmental Communication. We are asking for volunteers to serve on this Task Force, with a one-year commitment requested, starting on November 1, 2009.

This initiative is supported by the following:

In addition to those mentioned above, the following individuals have agreed to serve on the task force:

  • Libby Lester, University of Tasmania (Australia)
  • Laura Lindenfeld, University of Maine (USA)
  • Nadarajah Sriskandarajah, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Uppsala, Sweden) working on a European EC network
  • Chris Russill, Carleton University, (Canada)

The task force activities will include:

  • examination of models for forming professional associations (AESS, IASNR, ASLE, other organizations)
  • development and execution of web-based survey to obtain ideas and suggestions from ECN subscribers and other interested parties
  • search for start-up funds and other resources for new association
  • drafting of an organization charter, mission, and bylaws
  • develop a system to obtain feedback and comments on the draft charter (WIKI, blog, etc.)

It is anticipated that the task force will hold an initial meeting during the upcoming NCA Convention in Chicago in November. During the NCA Convention, a facilitated “open space” meeting will be also held for anyone interested in contributing ideas to the project. Over the next year, the task force will communicate on a regular basis by e-mail, conference call, and possibly other means (e.g., online groupware). It will meet together in May to continue its work on the project (time and place TBA) and possibly July. Funding for those meetings will be obtained from a number of sources.

The goal of this initiative is to develop a specific concept and framework for the new international professional association, which would launch in 2011. We are hoping that colleagues from around the world will join in this effort.

If you are willing to serve on this task force, please contact Mark Meisner at by October 30.

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About Mark Meisner

Executive Director of the International Environmental Communication Association (IECA). I also research, teach, write about, and speak on environmental and sustainability communication, media, culture, and policy. Facts are usually facts, but opinions and sense of humour are always my own.
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  1. Jeff Bile says:

    Realize that I am more than a little late. If I can help in the future, please let me know.

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