Sourcing Stuff

Via Worldchanging, an update on Sourcemap, a fascinating tool produced by MIT’s Media Lab for learning about and contributing to research on supply chains. It uses Google Earth to display these chains visually.

It’s a work in progress, but definitely worth checking out. Here’s an intro:

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4 Responses to Sourcing Stuff

  1. Chris Russill says:

    Steve, I just read the Barnett piece and its very good (thanks for the lead). I hope it gains a wide readership among those considering the relationship of climate change and security.

  2. Steve Schwarze says:

    Chris, in a recent issue of Climatic Change, Jon Barnett has a short editorial that talks about the “panoptic vision” shared by physical science climate modeling and the mainstream “security policy” community. Of course, his point is not about modeling or info-tech but the blindspots of this vision when it comes to actually promoting security.

  3. Chris Russill says:

    The proliferating applications of Google Earth are remarkable — Google recently got into the climate change impacts simulation game, too. I’m starting to wonder about the implications of our dependency on global information industries for these kinds of insights (says the guy with a gmail account!). Thanks for bringing this tool to my attention, Steve.

  4. Mark Meisner says:

    Thanks for this Steve. I can see this being a really useful tool for students working on tracing their consumption impacts.

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