HSBC’s Strange Gardening Agenda

Last weekend my partner was handed the following card at the craft fair in Syracuse:

The front and back of a card from HSBC

The front and back of a carrot card from HSBC

The carrot card (as I like to call it) has seeds embedded in it and can apparently be planted. A friend who was visiting wondered if they were genetically modified seeds. Who knows. I thought it was an interesting gimmick and all the more so given yesterday’s post on HSBC. It seems as if they are now trying to tell us which values to practice. Grow a garden and don’t eat out; save your money instead of spending (wasting) it; achieve financial sustainability. Of course this was handed out at a craft fair, so the audience might be more inclined towards identifying with what the card is suggesting. And not surprisingly, HSBC wants our money in their vaults instead of the tills of restaurants. Hey, we’re all victory gardeners now that retirement is out of the question. Thanks HSBC!

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