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Elizabeth Dickinson wrote to me (and to the ECN LISTSERV)  this week to let us know about a journal related to environmental communication which I, for one, was not aware of. Green Theory and Praxis: The Journal of Ecopedagogy

represents a scholarly effort to present research papers and essays at the transformative nexus of ecological politics and culture, the critique of social structures, ecocriticism and sustainability education. The editorial board of GTP takes the position that many human societies and their attendant political economy and cultural norms depart strikingly from what is needed to maintain ecological harmony and planetary/species flourishing. The journal seeks to offer a forum for careful study of the theoretical and rhetorical positions, political and economic adjustments, behavioral and institutional alterations, pedagogical mobilizations, and spiritual emergences that will or should emerge in response to increasing ecological damage of both a physical and psyhic nature. We seek critical analysis of the root causes of various ecological crises and to link theory to concrete prospects for social change through pedagogy conceived broadly.

I haven’t had time to look at the back issues, but wanted to mention it here anyway. And please note that it is an open access journal – yay!

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  1. Nkwetisama Carlos Muluh says:

    Ecopedagogy is my passion, but my knowledge of it is very limited. I want to know more through you.

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