Earth Days film makes us wonder “Where have all the buttons gone?”

Earth Days PosterVia Green Muze again, I learned about the upcoming release of the history-of-the-American-environmental-movement documentary Earth Days from Zeitgeist films (the folks who brought us those essentials The Corporation and Manufactured Landscapes). I’m certainly looking forward to catching this film at some point, though probably not in theaters here in the ‘cuse (geez, Food Inc. hasn’t even come to our city yet). It looks like Earth Days will be opening in selected theaters starting in late August.

The info on the film’s web site indicates a familiar cast of characters from the early days of the environmental movement are featured in the flick: Stewart Udall, Dennis Meadows, Paul Ehrlich, Stewart Brand, etc. According to the press kit, the film

traces the origins of the modern environmental movement through the eyes of nine Americans who propelled the movement from its beginnings in the 1950s to its moment of triumph in 1970 with the original Earth Day, and to its status as a major political force in America.

The poster (pictured above) is charmingly reminiscent of a time when people wore campaign, cause, and protest buttons to announce their views. Now activists blog, tweet, broadcast themselves using YouTube, and generally take advantage of all available social media instead. Do folks wear buttons much anymore?

Here is the trailer:

Update 9/29/2010: The trailer seems to have been removed form YouTube. However, you can watch it and the full film on the PBS website for Earth Days.

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  1. Angryrabbi says:

    Im glad movies like this are starting to get made. Then maybe we will care about all the crap floating in the ocean. have you heard about this?

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