WWF-UK’s Strategies for Change project

Among the services that WordPress blogs (and undoubtedly others) get are basic statistics about visitors. Today I noticed a referral from a site called Identity Campaigning. This meant that they had created a link to this blog, which is kind of nice, since we’re just getting going here (thanks folks!). Of course I had to check it out.

I discovered that Identity Campaigning is part of  WWF-UK’s Strategies for Change project. Their web site introduces the project thusly:

WWF’s Strategies for Change project re-examines some of the assumptions that underlie current environmental campaigning, and suggests new evidence-based responses. In particular, the project looks at the importance of collective social values in driving change, and at the ways those values are shaped.

Though I haven’t had time to explore their work in depth, Strategies for Change provides some very interesting material, including free downloads of three of their publications: Meeting Environmental Challenges: The Role of Human Identity, Weathercocks and signposts: the environment movement at a crossroads, Simple and Painless? The limitations of spillover in environmental campaigning. Some of these have been mentioned before over the ECN mailing list, but I figure they are well worth a shout out here.

Along with the core Strategies for Change web site, they are also running two relevant blogs, the above-mentioned Identity Campaigning, and Valuing Nature, both of which are now in the Indications blog roll. These reflect the emphasis that this project is putting on these a-typical approaches (values and identity) to campaigning. I’m looking forward to hearing more from these folks.

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  1. Tom says:

    Thanks for these kind comments, Mark. And well done with your new blog – I look forward to watching it grow.
    valungnature.org is pretty acquiescent now – I’ve migrated over to identitycampaigning.org with the publication of this latest book with Tim Kasser. Do come and visit and comment on what you find there – I’d love your reflections.

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